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Wanna work here?

What the job is:
Sales Associate Extraordinaire 

What the job pays:
15-20 hours per week
$11-12 an hour
Must be available Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

What you'll do:
General sales associate responsibilities, such as greeting customers and responding to questions, general point-of-sale via iPad software, merchandising, handling inventory management and lighting cleaning around the store. You will be required to know the product and be able to assist customers in finding gifts.

Who you need to be:
This is a safe-haven of complete ADHDness, and I am looking for someone who has a little sass and can learn very quickly without constant supervision. If you're a go-getter who takes an initiative and is eager to learn, then you're the person I want to talk to. I am looking to take the store to a higher level, and it’s imperative I hire people who believe in it as much as I do.

What you must know to even be considered:

  • Mac proficient. Mac proficient. Mac proficient. If you navigate to the menu to copy and paste, you need not apply. If you know what command+shift+option+V means…you may be pushed to the top of the application pile.
  • Microsoft Office and Numbers
  • Well-written. You'll be doing hours of emailing fans about this, that and the other thing.
  • Slack-free. No, I don't mean your pants. I'm not the type to put up with a slacker. Consider yourself forewarned. Seriously. No, go back and read that again. This is woman-owned business and hath no furry as a woman who catches her employees doing something that isn’t good for her business.
  • We kinda cuss here. In fact, probably 50% of the products have some kind of irreverent humor. It’s why customers shop here, so you must be comfortable with the all the various usages of the F-bomb (who actually writes this in a job description?! )
  • Design-production experience can be an incredible plus in your favor (Adobe Creative Suite). Are you a design student? Cause I may be able to teach you a little somethin' somethin'.
  • Equal opportunity. We absolutely do not discriminate. LGBTQ friendly, all the way.


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